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I made the fatal mistake of letting her drink again..

Character Information
Character Name: Loz Jenova
Canon Source: Compilation of Final Fantasy VII.
Age: 20.
Fairytale Character: Heimdall.
Fairytale's Title: Norse Mythology.
Category: Rumplestilzskin.
Sexual Orientation: Unsure of himself. Exploring all opportunities.

Basic Personality: Loz plays himself off to be stronger than everyone else. And he tends to be, physically; brawn over brain, baby. He can move with such power and grace, it's amazing. Like a practiced play for all his lifetime. Muscles worked on with great labor to protect those he really loves.. And protect them he always shall, no matter what his flaws may be. Especially his brothers, in which he will get them anything that rightfully is theirs.

He doesn't always think through on his plans, and sometimes they end up getting into more trouble than it's worth. Especially since he's always used to following brother's law. He'd much rather do that then have to think his own way through everything.

There isn't much fighting, but if he is ever thrust into the role to battle it out he pushes all to be the last one standing, leaving no one around to tell tales. After all, what is he going to do? Argue with the idiot?

Extreme emotion. Like the young child. And, really one that hasn't grown up too quickly. He loves to play his games and mess around when he can; all jokes and tricks. He's still very emotional, and will cry pretty easily.

Appearance: Same as always.. A tall male, rivaling height with Yazoo, and a strong figure. Leather clad from gloves, vest, pants, and heavy-duty boots. A holster that holds a gun as his 'secondary' weapon; only to his Dual Hound and Fists. Silver hair cut short and slicked upward in the back, with sideburns that thin out as they grow closer to his chin. His eyes are a kalediscope of colors ranging from blues to greens; and yes, they are limited to the spetre of the two colors.

Reason for being submitted into Never Evermore: Sure. Heimdall never slept at Bifrost during his guarding of Asgard. But something clicked to the residents of this lovely haven when the strong warrior broke out in a fit of his missing 'brothers'. And how he didn't appreciate hearing such strange things. Like the grass growing. Or seeing the other side of the world.

Listed weapons and magical abilities: Being one of the three Jenova-cellular brothers, Loz takes on a set of Sephiroth's attributes. These just so happen to be Sephiroth's physical and violent side. He has lightning fast reflexes and stronger-than-human strength. Martial Arts, Street Fighting.. All fun roles to take on. He usually keeps his Dual Hound very close, if not on him. And a gun. Identical to Yazoo's Velvet Nightmare.